This has been a great season!  Seeing and meeting so many new faces is great!!!  It has been a busy year, and we can’t thank everyone enough for having a good time with us.  Few more weekends left and Labor Day will be here!!!

After Labor Day Weekend, we are sad to say that we will be shutting down all activities along with the pool and hottubs.  All will pickup again Memorial Day Weekend next year.

We have had an amazing staff this year, the best we have had in  years.  They do a great job at what they do, but they also like to get out and have fun too.

Thank you Bill and Sue for another amazing fun summer and all your hard work.

Thank you to our amazing office and maintenance staff:  Mikey Bob and Amie, Justin and Brooke, Tom and Melody, Dave and Shirley.  They are the first ones you see when you get here, and always have a smile on their faces and will do everything they possible can to give everyone what they request.

Shelley and Keith have done another amazing job at keeping the facilities spick and span.  They work very hard cleaning up after everyone, and it has definitely been a dirty job.

After Labor Day Weekend, the office will go back to being open for limited hours and we will begin preparing for the winter.  We will be shutting down bathrooms and the clubhouse laundry room.  The office will close October 1st, and we will no longer be accepting mail.  The main bathrooms will close November 1st.  We will also be closing down sections of the park to where only the C Section will remain open for the off season.  Main laundry room will be open 24/7 for your convenience.  Stay tuned for more off season discussions as it gets closer, but for now, enjoy the rest of the season!!!